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Celene Craig

Deputy Chief Executive, Broadcasting Authority of Ireland

Celene Craig

Celene Craig has been Deputy Chief Executive of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) since its establishment in 2009, in addition to having worked with its predecessors, the Broadcasting Commission of Ireland and the Independent Radio and Television Commission.

A significant dimension of her work has been her involvement in the formulation and implementation of a range of national broadcasting-related policies, including licensing, compliance and enforcement, transition to digital terrestrial television, media ownership and control, and codes and standards for broadcasting content.  For a number of years, she has had responsibility for the remit and financing aspects of the regulation of public service broadcasters in Ireland, including the completion of annual and five-yearly reviews of public funding for the Irish public service broadcasters, RTÉ and TG4.

Ms Craig is one of two Authority nominees to the BAI’s statutory Contract Awards Committee, which is responsible for the award of licences for broadcasting services and multiplex operations in the Irish State.

She was Chairperson of the European Platform of Regulatory Authorities (EPRA) from 2015-2019, and is an active participant in European and national fora dealing with audiovisual policy and legislative matters, including the revision of the Audio Visual Media Services Directive.

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