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Platforms submit roadmaps for EU’s code of practice to fight online disinformation

Online platforms and the advertising industry have sent individual roadmaps to European commissioner for digital economy and society, Mariya Gabriel, which will put in practice a self-regulatory code of practice to fight online disinformation, which was published on 26 September 2018. The code of practice is a self-regulatory set of commitments that platforms and trade associations representing advertisers and the advertising industry will apply to fight disinformation on a voluntary basis. Google, Facebook, Mozilla and Twitter have presented detailed individual roadmaps showing how they plan to extend their tools against disinformation ahead of the EU elections. These include transparency tools for political advertising, repositories, training for political groups and electoral authorities, European election centres and stronger cooperation with fact-checkers. The trade associations EACA, EDIMA, IAB Europe, UBA and WFA have also signed the code of practice. Gabriel said: “I am very pleased with the steps we have taken. This is a win-win situation, not just for the actors involved in this system, but also for society. Cooperation between fact-checkers, online platforms and the advertising industry will help effectively fight disinformation. By working together with the platforms and the advertising industry, we have a real chance to look brightly ahead of the European elections next year.” The Commission will monitor the steps and effectiveness of these roadmaps ahead of the EU elections and “expects an efficient and effective implementation of the code of practice”. See more  and code of practice to fight online disinformation is here.

  • Monday, 22 October 2018

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