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UK review of journalism tackles “uneven balance of power”

A review by Dame Frances Cairncross into the sustainability of high-quality journalism in the UK has been published, making proposals “designed to encourage new models to emerge, with the help of innovation not just in technology but in business systems and journalistic techniques”. The measures aim to tackle the “uneven balance of power” between news publishers and the online platforms that disseminate their output; and “the growing risks to the future provision of public-interest news”. Among the recommendations are new codes of conduct to rebalance the relationship between publishers and online platforms; an investigation of the online advertising market to ensure fair competition; an obligation for news quality; and the development of a media literacy strategy. It is also recommended that the UK regulator, Ofcom, should explore the BBC’s market impact and that the BBC should do more to help local publishers. Further, the government should “launch a new fund, focused particularly on innovations aimed at improving the supply of public-interest news”, extend zero-rating of VAT to digital publications, encourage financial support for local news, and establish an institute for public interest news. Read more

  • Monday, 18 February 2019

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