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Latvia Liaison

Latvia Liaison


As this year sees the IIC turn 50 and the Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC) celebrates its first 10 years of work, BEREC and the IIC organised a joint conference, held in Riga, Latvia.

Jeremy Godfrey, chair of Irish regulator, ComReg, and current chair of BEREC, opened the meeting with Chris Chapman, IIC president, who said that the IIC has been the lead platform for policy debate in broadcasting and then telecoms, and now, in a world of converging technology, the broader digital economy. Trust, he maintained, is crucial for the relevance and success of the digital ecosystem.

Technology provides the all-pervasive “soft” infrastructure on which people have built and managed their lives. If individuals do not trust others and their historical institutions, they will not engage civically or economically because they believe doing so has little chance of being beneficial to them. What has come into sharp focus in recent years is that trust is just as crucial for the technology companies, as boundaries are blurred between private communications, community networking and media.

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