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Anti-Spam Action

Anti-Spam Action

From nuisance to abuse, unsolicited communications encompass a wide range of impacts on citizens. Spam is no longer a problem exclusive to email – it has become a vehicle for deceit and has expanded to a multitude of electronic platforms that citizens all over world use to support their businesses, perform their jobs, access government services, and engage in social interactions and relationships. From unknowingly downloading a malware infection to having personal data stolen, bad actors are constantly in search of new victims. Fortunately, many governments see the urgency in acting on these issues and anti-spam efforts are underway across the world.

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), in partnership with the International Institute of Communications (IIC), hosted a workshop on combating spam and other forms of nuisance communications. The half-day event took place as part of the IIC’s annual Communications Policy and Regulation Week in Bangkok, Thailand.

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