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Smartphones: Liberation or Limits?

As more people, especially the less well off, have only a smartphone to access the internet, there are signs that a new type of digital divide could develop. Ofcom’s Alison Preston describes new research carried out in the UK

Smartphones: Liberation or Limits?

This article is about the people who use their smartphone as their predominant way to go online. The number of people in this group is growing – research by Ofcom, the UK regulator, published this year shows that 16% of people in the UK say they use only a smartphone or tablet to go online, up from 6% the previous year. And 6% say they only use a smartphone – rising to 13% of those from the lowest socio-economic groups.

At Ofcom, we are keen to understand how people’s media use and attitudes are evolving, and so we decided to explore this issue through in-depth research, to find out more about the motivations, and the strengths and drawbacks, of such behaviour. This article summarises the key findings from our published report.

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