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SNRF 2019

SNRF 2019: The Cost of Regulation in a Small Nation

Invitation-only meeting for SMALL nation regulators
Hosted bY OFCOM

Supported by Gibraltar Regulatory Authority

8 October 2019
14:00 - 17:15 hrs

Skinners' Hall
8½ Dowgate Hill
London EC4R 2SP

The Small Nations Regulators’ Forum (SNRF) includes an annual in-person meeting exclusively for its members: regulators from small nations and/or small economies. The meeting presents a unique opportunity for regulators of small nations to share perspectives and insights on particular issues and engage in meaningful exchanges under the Chatham House Rule on these subjects.


14:00 Registration

14:10 Welcome from the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority, Paul Canessa, Chief Executive Officer and Chair of the SNRF

14:20 Session 1: The cost of regulation in a Small Nation

    Chair and Discussant 1:
    Stewart Brittenden, Head of Communications and Postal Regulation, Gibraltar Regulatory Authority
    -  The cost of compliance (judicial reviews etc.)

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    Discussant 2:
    Alee Fa'amoe
, Acting CEO & Executive Director ICT, OfReg, Cayman Islands
    -  How can costs and learnings be shared?

    Susannah Nightingale
, Communications Regulator, Falkland Islands
    -  Measuring effectiveness

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 15:10 Break

15:20 Session 2: Platform regulation – where does content fit in?

    Chair and Discussant 1:
    Professor Anthony Clayton
, Chairman, Broadcasting Commission Jamaica
    -  The convergence of content: social media and broadcasting

    Discussant 2:
          Dr Kim Mallalieu, Deputy Chairman, Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and Tobago (TATT)
    -  Platform regulation and the demand for spectrum

    Discussion: Celene Craig, Deputy Chief Executive, Broadcasting Authority of Ireland
    -  Regional regulation or national strictures?

16:10 Session 3: The cross-cutting issues raised by data privacy

    Chair and Discussant 1:
    Paul Canessa
, Chief Executive Officer, Gibraltar Regulatory Authority (GRA)
    -  Privacy issues regarding social media etc.

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    Discussant 2:
    George Michaelides
, Commissioner, Office of the Commissioner of Electronic Communications and Postal           Regulation (OCECPR), Cyprus
    -  Privacy and national security

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    Dr Rainer Schnepfleitner
, Director, Office for Communications (AK), Liechtenstein
    - Interoperability in a global environment

 17:00 Next Steps and AOB

 17:30 Close of Meeting


18:30   50th Annual Conference Opening Reception, County Hall (Annual Conference attendees only; pre-registration required)


The inaugural meeting of the Forum, chaired by OfReg, was held in Brussels in October 2017 during the Communications and Policy Week to address the challenges facing small nations, with an emphasis on issues of connectivity. Subsequent to this meeting, the then Chair-organisation of the Forum, the Broadcasting Commission of Jamaica, launched an online discussion paper regarding social media and their effects. 

Both the report and the discussion paper are available to members of the Forum. If you have not yet joined, you can register to become a member This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. (There is no charge.)

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