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Cook Islands issues competition policy consultation

The Cook Islands Ministry of Finance and Economic Management (MFEM) has released a draft telecoms market competition policy for consultation. The Cook Islands has been serviced by a single operator, partly-owned by the government, under a legislated monopoly since 1989, with limited independent oversight. The ministry said: “While this approach has served the Cook Islands well to date, the telecoms landscape, both here and abroad, has changed considerably since the Telecommunications Act 1989 came into force. Innovation and development in the industry in the form of new services – such as the ‘app’ economy – are posing new challenges and opportunities for established regulation. The local infrastructure landscape is also changing. The Manatua Cable, which is expected to start service in mid-2020, will provide fast, reliable and affordable internet services. In addition, experience elsewhere in the world has demonstrated the benefits of competition: for consumers through access to new services and lower service prices, and for business through new investment opportunities.” “The government is committed to opening up the telecoms market to competition to secure these benefits, and at the same time adapting the regulatory framework so that it is fit for purpose in this 21st century environment,” acting financial secretary Lavinia Tama, said. The draft policy is available on MFEM’s website. Read more

  • Monday, 17 June 2019

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