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Alfredo Rafael Deluque Zuleta (Dr)

Congressman - House Representative, Congress of the Republic of Colombia

Alfredo Rafael Deluque Zuleta (Dr)

Dr Alfredo Rafael Delugue Zuleta is a Congressman and House Representative for the Department of La Guajira, Congress of the Republic of Colombia.   He is a member of the U party which is the government party. During his role as House Representative he has been involved in the peace process commission and negotiations.

Mr Deluque was President of the House for the 2015-2016 legislative period.

Dr Deluque has worked on different laws to enhance the telecommunications system and regulations in Colombia, and has worked for the social development of his region within the legislative and government sector. He was previously a Congressman and before that, worked at TELMEX where he was the alternate legal representative and regional coordinator of subscription television. He has also been the Secretary General of Superview SA, a concessionaire of subscription television service in the city of Bogota.

Dr Delugue is a lawyer, graduating from Universidad Externado de Colombia and a specialist in telecommunications law from the same institution.

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