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Data protection will ‘boost growth’ in Africa

Data protection will ‘boost growth’ in Africa

Experts in information and communication technology say enforcing data protection laws will boost growth in Africa’s digital economy, reports The Cable. “This was the consensus at an event organised by African Academic Network on Internet Policy (AANOIP) in partnership with the Ibadan School of Government and Public Policy (ISGPP). Participants at the seminar emphasised the need for centralised data collection and protection for African countries including Nigeria, to mitigate against fraud and loss of data.” Tunji Olaopa, executive vice chairman, ISGPP, in a speech said the contribution of African countries to the global internet community has been abysmal, thereby calling for reforms. “Required policies and laws in place to address concerns such as data protection, intellectual property and patent, online security… are virtually non-existent… and calls for spirited informed action, stakeholder vigilance and voice,” he said. Temitope Aladesanmi, steering committee member, AANOIP, said the group was established to give voice to internet policy and governance. “One of the direct output of the main conference was the imperative of the need to begin an immediate discourse with respect to data protection and security in Africa.” Aladesanmi also mentioned that the European Union’s General Data Protection Rule (GDPR) would kick off in May 2019, with a resultant effect on organisations conducting business with EU member countries. Read more 

  • Tuesday, 19 December 2017

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