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EU fast tracks cross-border data freedom

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EU negotiators have sealed an agreement to allow non-personal data to move freely across the bloc and ban national laws that require companies to store data within a country’s borders, reports EurActiv. “The legislation cracks down on data localisation and will open up the market for companies to choose where in the EU they store data. The European Commission has promoted the new rules as a way to make data storage easier and cheaper, and has estimated that they will add 4% to the bloc’s GDP by 2020.” Said European Commission vice-president Andrus Ansip. “Data localisation restrictions are signs of protectionism for which there is no place in a single market. After free movement of people, goods, services and capital, we have made the next step with this agreement for a free flow of non-personal data to drive technological innovations and new business models and create a European data space for all types of data.” The legislation covers data that contains no personal information and cannot be used to identify people. A separate law, the sweeping data protection regulation known as GDPR, introduced privacy rules that apply to personal data across the bloc. One Commission official described the breakthrough as “historic” because there will no longer be legal restrictions on where in the EU personal and non-personal data is stored. The negotiations wrapped up after less than one week of meetings between MEPs, the Commission and national diplomats – a very short time by Brussels standards. Also agreed is a cap on the price of phone calls and SMS messages between EU countries. Phone calls between EU countries are to be capped at 19 cents per minute, text messages at 6 cents per SMS. Read more

  • Monday, 25 June 2018

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