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Europe and China taking over from the US internet rules

Europe and China taking over from the US internet rules

The US is losing ground as the internet’s standard-bearer in the face of aggressive European privacy standards and China’s draconian vision for a tightly controlled web, reports Politico. “The weakening of the American position comes after years of US lawmakers and presidents, including both Donald Trump and Barack Obama, backing the tech industry’s aversion to new regulations. The EU has stepped in to fill part of that gap, setting privacy standards that companies like Facebook and Google must follow. At the same time, China is dictating companies’ security practices and demanding to see their products’ source code – developments that experts say will undermine global cybersecurity. And while the global tech industry is adapting to these new realities, no one in the Trump administration has devised a clear plan to rebut either of these agendas.” The result: Beijing and Brussels are effectively writing the rules that may determine the future of the global internet. And China’s vision is spreading across the developing world as it influences similar laws in Vietnam, Tanzania and Nigeria. Experts in cyber policy say the trends could slow the internet’s growth, stunt innovation and erect new market barriers for American businesses. Read more

  • Monday, 23 July 2018

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