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Expert report on AI warns of malicious use

Experts on the security implications of emerging technologies have written a report that sounds the alarm about the potential malicious use of artificial intelligence (AI) by rogue states, criminals, and terrorists. “Forecasting rapid growth in cybercrime and the misuse of drones during the next decade – as well as an unprecedented rise in the use of ‘bots’ to manipulate everything from elections to the news agenda and social media – the report is a clarion call for governments and corporations worldwide to address the clear and present danger inherent in the myriad applications of AI.” However, the report – “The malicious use of artificial intelligence: forecasting, prevention, and mitigation” – also recommends interventions to mitigate the threats posed by the malicious use of AI: policymakers and technical researchers need to work together now to understand and prepare for the malicious use of AI; AI has many positive applications, but is a dual-use technology and AI researchers and engineers should be mindful of and proactive about the potential for its misuse; best practices can and should be learned from disciplines with a longer history of handling dual use risks, such as computer security; and the range of stakeholders engaging with preventing and mitigating the risks of malicious use of AI should be expanded. The co-authors come from a wide range of organisations and disciplines, including Oxford University’s Future of Humanity Institute; Cambridge University’s Centre for the Study of Existential Risk; OpenAI, a non-profit AI research company; the Electronic Frontier Foundation; the Center for a New American Security, and others. The 100-page report identifies three security domains (digital, physical, and political security) as particularly relevant to the malicious use of AI. It suggests that AI will disrupt the trade-off between scale and efficiency and allow large-scale, finely-targeted and highly-efficient attacks. See more

  • Thursday, 22 February 2018

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