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FCC votes to classify SMS as information services

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Wireless operators got what they were asking for when the FCC voted 3:1 to deny requests from Twilio and others to classify text messaging services as “telecommunications services”, which would subject them to harsher regulation, reports FierceWireless. Instead, the FCC voted to classify SMS and MMS as “information services”. “Proponents to the classification as an information service said it will prevent wireless carriers from having to remove the types of filters and anti-spoofing measures they use to block spam. Opponents said it will give operators license to block texts if they don’t like the content or see messages coming from a competing service. In a petition, Twilio cited instances of wireless carriers blocking texts from Rebtel, an OTT international calling facilitator.” FCC chairman Ajit Pai said a mere 3% of SMS messages are spam, and classifying text messages as telecoms services would open the floodgates to unwanted texts. He cited numerous organisations, including the public safety association NENA, that expressed concerns about consumers getting inundated with spam texts. Read more

  • Tuesday, 18 December 2018

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