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France proposes law on operators and cybersecurity

Joint IIC - Italian Chapter and Agcom workshop

The French government has proposed legislation on cybersecurity that requires telecoms operators and online service providers to play a more active role in protecting the country's communications, reports Telecompaper. “The proposals are part of draft legislation on the military budget for the period 2019-25, on which the parliament is expected to vote this summer. In an initial opinion, the telecoms regulator, Arcep, said that further consultation with the industry was ‘indispensable’ before the law could be enacted.” The cybersecurity proposals of the draft law include two main elements. Operators would be required to develop their own systems for detecting and preventing cyberattacks on their networks, and the French National Cybersecurity Agency (Anssi) would operate its own system for monitoring risks on telecoms networks and major online communication platforms. If Anssi detects a probable threat to public authorities or critical infrastructure in France, it could order the operators to take preventive action. The agency could also order operators to inform their customers of the potential threat. In an initial opinion on the proposals, Arcep said they could be expected to have a “significant impact” on how communication networks are operated. The security systems required of operators would have implications for personal privacy, the secrecy of communications, net neutrality and data retention regulations, among other issues, and would also require compensation for the costs incurred. Read more / Arcep

  • Thursday, 22 February 2018

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