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Rwanda set to regulate social media

Rwanda set to regulate social media

Rwanda’s government is aiming to regulate social media content, a move which is intended to curb the spread of misinformation, according to the minister for ICT and innovation, Paula Ingabire, as AllAfrica reports. “Ingabire made the revelation while responding to MP Jean Claude Ntezimana's concerns over abusive social media content and false identities.” Ntezimana said: “There are instances where people communicate the way they please on social media like Facebook and Twitter usually with fake accounts and use such platforms to spread misinformation.” Describing the content on social media platforms in general, Ingabire said it was misleading, necessitating regulation. “We have started a programme to engage with all people owning social media platforms so that we devise an approach to regulate content because when it’s not lies, it is misinformation, defamation,” she said. “We are really looking to protect our citizens more than anything. That is the core objective of why we need to regulate content so that we are able to protect our citizens and make sure that we are creating a safe space,” she said. Countries like the UK, she said, have been aggressive in this issue by drawing up strategies that curb the way misinformation is circulated via social media. ‘All the countries especially the developed economies are already embarking on a campaign to regulate content on social media platforms,” she said. “And the government of Rwanda is keen on doing because, yes, there has to be free sharing of information, but at the same time it has to be information that is building the people, that is building a country, but not just really circulating misinformation [and] defamation.” At the Transform Africa Summit, which is taking place in Rwanda on 14-17 May, discussion on social media content regulation was planned. Read more

  • Wednesday, 15 May 2019

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