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Dutch regulator focuses on net neutrality and infrastructure implications of 5G

Dutch regulator focuses on net neutrality and infrastructure implications of 5G

Dutch regulator, ACM, plans to work on two themes concerning 5G, reports Telecompaper: the application of net neutrality and infrastructure sharing. “A spokesperson for the ACM said the application of net neutrality raises important questions for 5G and infrastructure sharing will become relevant again once operators start rolling out 5G networks. The regulator held a workshop on 5G for mobile operators, central government and ministries. These two themes came out as the most important.” To develop 5G, the industry is working on new ways to allocate capacity within a network to specific applications. Other features can also be tailored per service or user, for example, by giving priority to government services, or providing low latency for gaming. “How these tailored services are implemented could lead to a conflict with rules governing net neutrality. This would be the case in every EU member state, which is why EU regulator BEREC is working on the issue.” Sharing infrastructure is already common but the transition from 4G to 5G will raise new questions. “Both the regulator and the market want to know what bottlenecks there could be in infrastructure sharing, and whether it could have adverse implications for competition at an infrastructure level.” Read more

  • Wednesday, 15 May 2019

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