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Falkland Islands steps up communications regulation

The Falkland Islands, one of the more remote territories, now has a communications regulator in place in Susannah Nightingale, who has published the first regulator's annual report. The post of regulator was filled for the first time in September 2017, and a requirement in a new communications ordinance is that the regulator submits an annual report to the governor and to the legislative assembly about the exercise of the regulator's functions during each calendar year. Nightingale has also launched a website. According to MercoPress, she has also launched a spectrum management project – the communications ordinance gives the regulator general responsibility for the management of the radio spectrum in the Falkland Islands. Plum Consulting has been awarded a contract to work with the regulator on developing the spectrum plan and proposals for radio spectrum licensing. The first stage of the project is to undertake an audit of the spectrum that is currently being used across the Falkland Islands. See more here and the regulator website.

  • Thursday, 22 March 2018

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