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France’s regulators draw up data-driven memo; Arcep reports on future networks

Several French regulators – the competition authority, AMF, Arafer, Arcep, CNIL, CRE and CSA –  have held a meeting to draw up a memorandum on data-driven regulation, which they say “creates the ability to make stakeholders more accountable, increases the regulator’s capacity for analysis and makes more information available to users and civil society”. At the meeting, mechanisms were set up for taking joint action between authorities in areas such as public procurement, knowledge management and human resources. The meeting, which took place at the office of Arcep, the telecoms regulator, was one of now regular meetings that bring together France’s regulators. In addition to adopting the joint memo, this meeting also highlighted a report on voice assistants published jointly by the French Broadcasting authority, CSA and the online distribution and rights protection authority, Hadopi, “as an exemplary process that managed to gather a variety of viewpoints on a topic of common interest, and incorporating contributions from Arcep, the competition authority and data privacy regulator, CNIL”. Meanwhile Arcep has published two documents on future networks – “Connectivity issues and challenges: the smart regions example” and “Dynamic spectrum management”. Briefings on the environmental impact of networks, and on digital technology in general, are upcoming. See more and here.

  • Wednesday, 17 July 2019

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