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India’s regulator speaks on 5G priorities (Copy)

India can be a frontrunner in deployment of 5G but much will hinge on bolstering investments in fibre infrastructure, which is currently inadequate and trailing countries like China, RS Sharma, chair of India’s regulator, TRAI, has said at a digital summit meeting. As reported by The Indian Express, Sharma noted that there has been consolidation in the Indian telecoms market leading to an optimal situation of one public sector and three private sector players, and added that the sector will see stability. “In the 5G space, we can leapfrog inadequacies which we have in the physical world [but] without fibre, 5G will not happen,” Sharma said. The TRAI chief further said there would be a need to unbundle service and infrastructure layers at some point, and fibre sharing could be one of the options in infrastructure sharing. “We think end-to-end service provisioning will not happen in 5G,” Sharma said. He further said that the connectivity problems in the country need to be solved with urgency, and regulations should not be constrained by the fact that only a certain set of service providers should provide a particular service. “No one should have the monopoly of providing services to people of this country, and we should solve this problem by whatever means and instruments we can deploy,” he said. India’s National Digital Communications Policy (NDCP) aims to attract $100 billion investment and create 4 million jobs in the sector by 2022. It seeks to provide universal broadband connectivity of 50 mbps to every citizen by 2022, and also boost the contribution of the digital communications sector to 8% of India’s GDP. Read more

  • Wednesday, 23 January 2019

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