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Mission to Georgia helped build its regulatory framework

Mission to Georgia helped build its regulatory framework

A 19 month project with over 190 expert missions to Georgia comprising Lithuanian, German and Polish experts has helped define secondary legislation and guidelines on communications in line with EU standards for the country. As the Georgian National Communications Commission notes, this EU-funded “twinning project” has supported the regulator in developing its electronic communications regulatory framework and operational capacities in line with the EU regulatory framework.

The project helped develop a draft package of amendments to the secondary legislation, including rules for provision of services and protection of consumer rights; authorisation of general permission to engage in electronic communications activities; regulations for use of radio frequencies under general permission; and rules for public consultations and proposals for a regulatory framework for universal services. Apart from the proposals for amendments of national legislation, the project has developed several guidelines with practical regulatory advice that will help to ensure smooth implementation of best EU regulatory practices on broadband infrastructure development, market analysis methodologies, spectrum award methodologies, network integrity incident notification procedures, safer internet hotline activities and a roaming regulatory framework.

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  • Tuesday, 16 July 2019

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