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Spectrum assignment report issued by European Commission

A report for DG Connect at the European Commission examines the approaches used by member states for authorising and assigning spectrum with a view to determining which methods might be most appropriate in the context of future 5G services. The study is based on interviews with administrations and other stakeholders in all 28 member states; an examination of available data concerning the elements used in authorisations and assignments and the impacts of those elements on the mobile industry and markets; and analysis of four use-case scenarios which represent possible development paths for 5G services. These use cases were validated and reinforced by an expert academic panel and a public workshop where delegates contributed to the development and analysis of the scenarios. The study has determined that while stakeholders would generally prefer to continue licensing spectrum on an exclusive, individual basis, wider adoption of a greater variety of spectrum assignment approaches would benefit the introduction of 5G services, unlocking some of the new use cases enabled by 5G while supporting digital single market objectives. Read more

  • Tuesday, 17 October 2017

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