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Telcos battle carmakers over communications approach

A fierce debate has gripped Europe’s automobile industry that will shape the future of all cars sold across the region: how to get internet-connected vehicles to “talk” to each other while travelling on the road, reports the Financial Times. “It centres on two competing technologies that has broadly split the continent’s carmakers and telecoms providers into rival camps – and has even pitted two branches of the European Commission against each other. ‘This could descend into trench warfare,’ says one person familiar with the situation, which has become increasingly heated in recent months.” Carmakers largely favour a short-range technology using a dedicated band of spectrum for car-to-car communication. This vehicle-to-vehicle system, or V2V, will be ready for operation once network equipment is built, which could be carried out relatively quickly. This layer of technology would allow cars to drive much closer together on the roads, synchronising braking to avoid accidents. “The telecoms companies, in contrast, are backing an open, long-range cellular system, which allows cars to share the airwaves with mobile phone signals. This will take longer to develop than V2V as it will have to wait for 5G, the next generation of mobile technology that is not expected to be rolled out globally until 2020. Read more

  • Tuesday, 21 November 2017

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