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Annual Conference

Annual Conference


The IIC Annual Conference is a multi-speaker, two-day event, for senior executives and public policy-makers in the telecommunication, internet and media world.

Each year around 250 participants from around the world come together to present, debate and learn about technological advancements and the regulatory challenges they present.

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Annual Conference 2019 Annual Conference 2019

The 50th Annual Conference
Key Themes for 2019
  • Governance
  • Content futures
  • Competition policy
  • Spectrum
  • Privacy, safety, security

Annual Conference 2015 Annual Conference 2015

The 46th Annual Conference
Key Themes for 2015
  • Connecting the unconnected
  • Internet of everything
  • OTT convergence models
  • Pathways for converged communications competition policy

Annual Conference 2018 Annual Conference 2018

The 49th Annual Conference
Key Themes for 2018
  • Election year
  • Delivering connectivity
  • Ensuring access and inclusion
  • Competition dynamics and market concentration

Annual Conference 2014 Annual Conference 2014

The 45th Annual Conference
Key Themes for 2014
  • Investment, innovation and competition
  • Global spectrum policy: Promoting efficiencies
  • Reaching consensus on internet governance
  • Consumer and Enterprise markets: updating policies to reflect changing market needs

Annual Conference 2017 Annual Conference 2017

The 48th Annual Conference
Key Themes for 2017
  • 5G - Internet of Things and spectrum efficiences
  • Cyber security and privacy
  • Connectivity technologies for the future

Annual Conference 2013 Annual Conference 2013

The 44th Annual Conference
Key Themes for 2013
  • Keeping ahead of the convergence curve
  • What have the digital agenda / broadband plans achieved?
  • Changing consumption patterns, evolving value chains and the blurring of boundaries
  • Data: Extracting value for all

Annual Conference 2016 Annual Conference 2016

The 47th Annual Conference
Key Themes for 2016
  • Regulatory and policy transformation
  • Digital economy
  • Digital content and services

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