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Issues Galore

Issues Galore

The IIC’s journal, Intermedia, has been published almost as long at the IIC has been in existence, and its editors have provided articles and comment that reflect the policy and regulatory issues of the times. Here is a selection of those issues, with a number of pictures of covers from the journal. See also for history of the IIC.

First, note Stephen Unger’s complementary article on page 23 in which he contrasts one of the most critical regulatory decisions made 50 years ago – the Carterfone device in the US that set the ball rolling for telecoms liberalisation – with the modern day challenge of artificial intelligence (AI). At first glance there is little in common – but the need to embrace innovation, resist overbearing regulation but avoid harms to investment and consumer wellbeing is a consistent theme throughout the years and one that continues to dominate discussion in AI and other current technologies, in particular online digital platforms.

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