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Europe in the Round

The EU framework review has trade-offs that can’t be ignored in communications policy, writes Peter Alexiadis in part one of an analysis of the issues.

Europe in the Round

The review over the summer of 2015 of the current EU regulatory framework for electronic communications networks and services brings with it unique challenges for both policymakers and industry. The full implementation of the results of the review by 2020 coincides with two other milestone events, namely: the realisation of the proposed '2020' goals for the EU's Digital Agenda; and the scheduled launch of 5G technology for wireless applications across the European Union.

This confluence of three important regulatory milestones in electronic communications policymaking demands that any proposed changes to the current EU regulatory framework need to be sensitive to a wide range of commercial, policy and institutional factors. More importantly, the ability of the framework to be robust and forwardlooking in its perspective should be more important than ever.

This two-part article seeks to explore the fundamental policy drivers that should shape the economic regulation of the electronic communications sector by 2020. However, rather than considering the merits of each individual policy item in its own right, the analysis seeks to explore a range of issues which involve a series of policy trade-offs that legislators and enforcement agencies cannot afford to ignore.

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