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SNRF 2019

Small Nations Regulators' Forum 2019


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Date: Tuesday 8th October, 14:00-17:15 hrs

The IIC Forum for regulators of small nations focuses on the particular opportunities and constraints in media and communications regulation in countries with small populations and/or small economies. Membership of the Forum is free, while membership to the broader International Regulators’ Forum (IRF) attracts a small annual fee. (There is no requirement that you join the IRF to become a member of the SNRF and attend its meeting in London.)

Now in its third year, this year’s Small Nations Regulators’ Forum (SNRF), which will again form part of Communications Policy and Regulation Week (CPRWeek), is particularly significant in that it is the IIC’s 50th Annual Conference and 50th anniversary.

The programme will offer short discussion points and will look at some of the topics that you have raised and how they impact on the work that we do, in small nations. We intend to cover:

  • Market reviews in small nations
  • Platform regulation especially in relation to national broadcasters
  • Data privacy

The meeting will focus on the particular opportunities and constraints in media and communications regulation in small nations, and the sharing of experiences and ideas as to best practice.

What is a small nation?

A small nation is a country whose population is less than 0.1% of the world population - currently approximately 7.7 billion across 195 countries. For a comprehensive list of countries and dependencies by population click here.

History of the SNRF


The Broadcasting Commission Jamaica (BCJ), as Chair of the Forum in 2018, hosted the first online meeting which looked at the emerging threats to democracy and social stability in small nation-states, and included a discussion of fake news, political manipulation, and criminal and terrorist use of social media. The report, and a subsequent questionnaire, is accessible to all SNRF members via the online Forum. The matters raised in the report continue to be an issue for the SNRF and will be explored further in the coming year.

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The inaugural meeting of the Forum was held in 2017 under the chairmanship of OfReg, the multisector regulatory authority of the Cayman Islands. At that meeting the particular challenges facing small nations, especially in terms of connectivity and accessibility was discussed.


online meetings

The discussion paper for the first online meeting in 2018, authored by the BCJ, is posted on the Forum, which is accessible to all SNRF members.

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This forum is for members only. To request SNRF membership please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Cordel Green

"The IIC is an inclusive and forward-thinking organisation, demonstrated by its facilitation of a Small Nations Regulators' Forum (SNRF). It was an honour for the Broadcasting Commission of Jamaica to have served as chair for the first year of the Forum."

Cordel Green, Executive Director, Broadcasting Commission Jamaica

Alee Faamoe

"We were delighted to have hosted the first ‘formal’ meeting of this important forum and look forward to playing an active part in its development."

Alee Fa’amoe, OfReg, The Cayman Islands

Kim Mallalieu 2

“I have thoroughly enjoyed each and every session of the IRF and the Islands meeting. The themes, speakers and discussions have been superb.”

Dr Kim Mallalieu, Deputy Chair, Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and Tobago (TATT)


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