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Japan Communications has go-ahead for unlicensed LTE base station

Japan Communications says it has received Japan’s first regulatory certification under both the Radio Law and Telecommunications Business Law for an unlicensed LTE (u-LTE) base station – and JCI chairman Frank Seiji Sanda says, “u-LTE is the first step in the obsolescence of legacy mobile operators.” The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications designated u-LTE spectrum through Radio Law amendments that came in to effect on 1 October last year. Says JCI: “LTE is the most accepted and used mobile technology in the world. However, to date it could only be deployed in each country by the few operators that acquired spectrum licences. However, following advancements in LTE technology there is strong momentum globally to level the playing field and enable many more operators to deploy LTE base stations and provide LTE services. Mobile telecommunication technologies have progressed from 3G to 4G and are now moving towards supporting higher speeds and data volumes with 5G. All of these are based on LTE technologies. As the technology evolves, the area covered by a single base station shrinks. This means that the era of large base stations being deployed to cover large areas will come to an end.” u-LTE, JCI says, is the optimal technology to deliver services such as secure and reliable office networks or IoT networks. JCI has a partnership with wireless infrastructure provider, Baicells, which makes the base station, while the LTE module embedded in VAIO laptops has also received Radio Law and Telecommunications Business Law approvals for use with u-LTE in Japan. Read more

  • Monday, 21 May 2018

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