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Deutsche Telekom makes demands about 5G auction

Deutsche Telekom makes demands about 5G auction

Deutsche Telekom has outlined its demands for Germany’s upcoming 5G spectrum auction, rejecting calls for conditions to encourage a new operator or plans for regional licences, notes Telecompaper. The company’s CEO, Drik Wossner, said the licence conditions should be “fair” and “we can’t have a situation where only some are investing and bearing the risks while others only reap the rewards”. Wossner set out what the company believes are the “cornerstones for ensuring this key technology can be successfully introduced, rolled out and developed further”. These include no requirements for providing third-party access to the network or an obligation to provide national roaming to a new operator. The firm said otherwise this would stifle innovation and hinder investment in network expansion. It also called mandatory roaming equivalent to “expropriation” of the network operators that are investing. “The market leader is also against issuing regional spectrum licences. Wossner said industrial companies interested in mobile networks for their own sites could continue to rely on the sector’s services and connect their systems over public networks. Furthermore, existing mobile network operators need more spectrum to realise 5G services – they are still a quarter of the resources short of what is necessary, the firm claims.” Ultimately, this means that there will be a quarter less capacity across the whole of Germany if regional licences are awarded, it said. Finally, the operator called for “reasonable” coverage requirements for the new 5G networks. “Comprehensive broadband coverage” will initially be achieved using existing and new LTE locations and technologies, and 5G will be added where it is technically feasible. The company’s demands appear to have been largely accepted by the regulator, Bundesnetzagentur. “In details released to newspapers, the regulator said it does not plan to impose roaming or network access requirements and will keep coverage requirements below 100%. However, it does still see room for issuing regional licences for local players and businesses.” Read more

  • Tuesday, 25 September 2018

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