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Europe’s communications code gets final approval

Joint IIC - Italian Chapter and Agcom workshop

The European Council has given final sign-off on the EU’s Electronic Communications Code, which imposes price caps, tougher security procedures and spectrum allocation rules that will enhance 5G deployment, notes mobile World Live. “Its clearance was the final hurdle to implementing the new code, which will become legally valid from 20 December with operators given set timescales to comply to specific elements.” All three EU legislative bodies cleared the code despite protests from industry groups and criticism about a number of measures. Among the measures imposed are minimum spectrum licence awards of 20 years in EU countries; legislation to ensure “universal internet access”; new rules around emergency service calls; and international call caps within the EU of €0.19 per minute and €0.06 per text message. New rules also apply to companies previously outside of communications legislation, but providing services over the internet including messaging services Skype and Facebook brand WhatsApp. To reflect the new rules, the remit for EU regulator BEREC has been updated. Read more

  • Tuesday, 18 December 2018

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