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Video’s Demands

Trends in internet video services are becoming apparent, and regulatory and competition agencies need to respond, as Augusto preta reports.

Video’s Demands

The explosion of video content and online entertainment services has brought in the new chapter of the digital economy. Various kinds of products and communication services are now delivered online through IP networks, and accessed and consumed over multiple platforms at different times and places, and on various devices. Thanks to this process long awaited media convergence is now becoming a reality. In this new framework, as in the past, the internet continues to play a major role, disrupting consolidated industries and creating a competitive arena for new ideas, players and business models. 

 "Light touch regulation might be more effective to not lose the high level of innovation that has fostered competition in the internet economy."

market trends

The growth of internet-based video is mainly driven by two factors. The first is broadband deployment that allows video to be smoothly transmitted and widely distributed. Video, which already takes up more than 50% of traffic on fixed networks in Western Europe, is expected to increase exponentially on mobile networks, growing almost 20 times between 2011 and 2016, at an average annual rate of 80%.

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